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Personal References:


Jim Adler

single-family residence

Evergreen, Colorado

(foothills of Denver)

2010 – 2011

Jim Nowery

single-family residential remodel

Carbondale, Colorado

(Aspen Glen)

2008 – 2009

Tom Fellman

single-family residence

and historic renovation

Aspen, Colorado

2005 - 2006


To whom it may concern:


This was a VERY custom structure and as good as the architectural plans were, the project required decisions and changes. I truly can't conceive of another builder who could have so represented me and my vision better. Todd was not just my builder but my partner, protecting me and finding a way to make every detail a reality.


Todd demanded excellence, and  was hands-on, and seemingly everywhere at once on the job site every day, building much of the structure himself.  Todd has a great attitude – he’s friendly, determined, inventive and was able to work well with my entire design team. 


Todd adapted to new ideas in real time, as the design evolved. Garret Construction also has a great handle on all the financial aspects of the project, so whenever I had any budget questions, answers were available and up-to-date. 


I'd highly recommend Garret Construction to anyone who wants great work and a faithful partner to make their dreams happen through this complex process. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly and adaptable.


- Jim Adler


(Garret Construction, Inc. built Mr. Adler's unique home, designed after a 1936 fire tower, in record time during 2010 and 2011)



To whom it may concern:


This letter will introduce Todd Cerrone and his company, Garret Construction, Inc. Todd recently completed an addition to my home in Aspen Glen. This project involved additions to two sides of the house, requiring the same discipines that would be needed to complete a total house. This project was completed on time and in budget. Todd is a skillful, knowledgeable professional builder who does what he says he'll do when he says he'll do it. He is personable, honest, and hardworking and was on the job every day doing most of the work himself.

By way of background, I owned and operated a general contracting firm from 1967 to 2002. We were based in Louisiana and Texas but worked in 10 or so states. When I retired our volume was around $200,000,000 per year.


Very truly yours,

James B Nowery


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Todd is a very talented builder … He always had a smile on his face and was easy to work with…So much so that we continue to work with Todd for any of our home maintenance and repair needs. … We highly recommend Todd for any kind of building needs, whether it be a complex project, a remodel or more basic home maintenance issues. His skills and friendliness are unparalleled.


– Tom Fellman


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