Why should you hire Garret Construction, Inc. to be your Owner's Representative?  Simply-put, because Garret Construction will help to ensure your building is delivered on-time, on-budget and as-designed.

As your Owner's Representative...

In hiring Garret Construction, which is also actively in the general contracting business, you're hiring a company with deep knowledge in the local building industry that can represent and manage your project. Garret Construction is known for being very hands-on, on-site throughout all stages of a building project, from the excavation stage to the final punch list.  This hands-on approach allows Garret Construction to be more intimate with the design details of the building.  Additionally, Garret Construction's in-depth knowledge of each building stage gives them the best vantage point from which to assess the progress of the new building.  Any issues that arise will be caught early in each stage of the building process, rather than later, when costs have already been incurred and time wasted. 

As your owner's representative, our definition of success is a project that is delivered on-time, on-budget and as-designed.